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Previously Maharashtra electricity distribution co was looking after Distribution, Transmission & Generation of electricity in the State of Maharashtra excluding Mumbai. But with endorsement of Electricity Act 2003, Maharashtra State Electricity Board was divided in to 3 Companies. Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Co. Ltd, Maharashtra State Power Generation Co. Ltd. and Maharashtra electricity distribution co. Ltd. on 6 th June 2005. Today Maharashtra electricity distribution company supplies electricity to an incredible 1.86 crore consumers across the categories all over Maharashtra excluding the island city of Mumbai. There are about 1.31 crore housing, 30 lack farming, and 13.46 lack business and 2.5 lack industrialized consumers in Maharashtra electricity distribution company. Maharashtra electricity distribution co gets annual returns of about Rs. 33,000 crore.

Today Maharashtra state known as one of the most develop states in India with a high development rate of all human being. This is main reason why Maharashtra State requires better solution for electricity. The capital city of Maharashtra State is Mumbai (previously known as Bombay) is known as economical hub of India. Mumbai also has stock market of India. Maharashtra electricity distribution company sources of power include gas, hydro, thermal and non conventional sources like biogases, wind, solar, etc. Apart from hydro power of Koyna, Maharashtra electricity distribution co make up the major share of power which Maharashtra electricity distribution company gets from RGPPL, Central Sector projects and Mahagenco projects.

As of infrastructure, Maharashtra electricity distribution company operates a huge and wide network that included of 33 KV, 22 KV & 11 KV lines. Maharashtra electricity distribution co also has sub-stations and distribution transformers spread over 3.08 sq.kms geographical area of Maharashtra which covers 457 towns and 41015 villages. Maharashtra state electricity board has 1947 sub-stations of33 KV with 49000 MVA of conversion capacity, 10334 HV feeders, and s thousand of circuit kms of low tension and high tension lines. As per survey there is need of more than 1000 unit of power per person within state of Maharashtra and Maharashtra State Electricity Board have a plan of electricity for all person. To achieve this Maharashtra government has announced many new projects within state of Maharashtra.